TOC: J Retailing Con Services


Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 40

Consumer perception and behavior in the retail foodscape–A study of chilled groceries
Ulla Lindberg, Nicklas Salomonson, Malin Sundström, Karin Wendin

Heterogeneity in consumers’ mobile shopping acceptance: A finite mixture partial least squares modelling approach for exploring and characterising different shopper segments
Michael Groß

Governance capabilities and relationship performance in international franchising
Nabil Ghantous, Shobha S. Das, Fabienne Chameroy

Parents and children in supermarkets: Incidence and influence
Bill Page, Anne Sharp, Larry Lockshin, Herb Sorensen

Examining price and service competition among retailers in a supply chain under potential demand disruption
Syed Mithun Ali, Md. Hafizur Rahman, Tasmia Jannat Tumpa, Abid Ali Moghul Rifat, Sanjoy Kumar Paul

Revisiting the supermarket in-store customer shopping experience
Nic S. Terblanche

Whom do customers blame for a service failure? Effects of thought speed on causal locus attribution
Natália Araújo Pacheco, Maggie Geuens, Cristiane Pizzutti

A dose of nature and shopping: The restorative potential of biophilic lifestyle center designs
Mark S. Rosenbaum, Germán Contreras Ramirez, Jaime Rivera Camino

Critical success factors of temporary retail activations: A multi-actor perspective
Jennifer Lowe, Isabella Maggioni, Sean Sands

Using the senses to evaluate aesthetic products at the point of sale: The moderating role of consumers’ goals
Sonia Vilches-Montero, Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim, Ameet Pandit, Renzo Bravo-Olavarria

Do all roses smell equally sweet? Willingness to pay for flower attributes in specialized retail settings by German consumers
Meike Rombach, Nicole Olynk Widmar, Elizabeth Byrd, Vera Bitsch

Immersion and emotional reactions to the ambiance of a multiservice space: The role of perceived congruence between odor and brand image
Karim Errajaa, Patrick Legohérel, Bruno Daucé

The positive effect of contextual image backgrounds on fluency and liking
Erik Maier, Florian Dost

How store attributes impact shoppers’ loyalty in emerging countries: An investigation in the Indian retail sector
Monica Grosso, Sandro Castaldo, Anjana Grewal

Examining factors influencing Jordanian customers’ intentions and adoption of internet banking: Extending UTAUT2 with risk
Ali Abdallah Alalwan, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Nripendra P. Rana, Raed Algharabat

The effect of telepresence, social presence and involvement on consumer brand engagement: An empirical study of non-profit organizations
Raed Algharabat, Nripendra P. Rana, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Ali Abdallah Alalwan, Zainah Qasem

The moderating effect of managers’ leadership behavior on salespeople’s self-efficacy
Valter Afonso Vieira, Marcelo Gattermann Perin, Claudio Hoffmann Sampaio

Showrooming and retail opportunities: A qualitative investigation via a consumer-experience lens
Jason Kokho Sit, Anna Hoang, Alessandro Inversini

Comparison and one-stop shopping after big-box retail entry: A spatial difference-in-difference analysis
Mengjie Han, Oana Mihaescu, Yujiao Li, Niklas Rudholm

Help welcome or not: Understanding consumer shopping motivation in curated fashion retailing
Anna Kathrin Sebald, Frank Jacob

The impact of dynamic bundling on price fairness perceptions
Wenjing Li, David M. Hardesty, Adam W. Craig

Influence of iconic, indexical cues, and brand schematicity on perceived authenticity dimensions of private-label brands
Laurence Carsana, Alain Jolibert

The mindful consumer: Balancing egoistic and altruistic motivations to purchase local food
Dawn Birch, Juliet Memery, Maheshan De Silva Kanakaratne

Firm performance in the upscale restaurant sector: The effects of resilience, creative self-efficacy, innovation and industry experience
Rob Hallak, Guy Assaker, Peter O’Connor, Craig Lee

Performance model of community pharmacies in low-middle income countries: A societal perspective
Maryam Ranghchian, Shima Sehat, Mehdi Akhgari, Gholamhossein Mehralian

How is value created? – Extending the value concept in the Swedish context
Solveig Wikström, Patrick L’Espoir Decosta

Special issue on "Facing the Future: Contemporary Thinking on Services Marketing", Guest Edited by Gillian Wright and Christos Sarmaniotis

Service quality, consumer satisfaction and loyalty in hospitals: Thinking for the future
Appalayya Meesala, Justin Paul

Understanding quality and satisfaction in public hospital services: A nationwide inpatient survey in Greece
Panagiotis Mitropoulos, Konstantinos Vasileiou, Ioannis Mitropoulos

A 360-degree view of actor engagement in service co-creation
Jörg Finsterwalder

I virtually try it … I want it ! Virtual Fitting Room: A tool to increase on-line and off-line exploratory behavior, patronage and purchase intentions
Marie Beck, Dominique Crié

Consumer-brand relationships and brand loyalty in technology-mediated services
Apostolos N. Giovanis, Pinelopi Athanasopoulou

Students as customers in higher education: The (controversial) debate needs to end
Melodi Guilbault

Daily deal shoppers: What drives social couponing?
M. Ieva, F. De Canio, C. Ziliani

Service failure and problems: Internal marketing solutions for facing the future
Justin Paul, Sunil Sahadev