TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 107(12)

The Welfare Effects of Coordinated Assignment: Evidence from the New York City High School Match (#2)
Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Nikhil Agarwal and Parag A. Pathak

Absolute Poverty: When Necessity Displaces Desire
Robert C. Allen

Valuing Alternative Work Arrangements
Alexandre Mas and Amanda Pallais

Announcements of Support and Public Good Provision
Judd B. Kessler

Fiscal Unions
Emmanuel Farhi and Iván Werning

Not So Demanding: Demand Structure and Firm Behavior
Monika Mrázová and J. Peter Neary

Recall and Unemployment
Shigeru Fujita and Giuseppe Moscarini

The Effect of Wealth on Individual and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Swedish Lotteries
David Cesarini, Erik Lindqvist, Matthew J. Notowidigdo and Robert Östling