TOC: Young Consumers


Young Consumers, 18(4)

ligiousness evolve across time? Insights from Millennials in Indonesia
Denni Arli, Fandy Tjiptono, Hari Lasmono, and Dudi Anandya

Examining the role of consumer lifestyles on ecological behavior among young Indian consumers
Arham Adnan, Asad Ahmad, and Mohammed Naved Khan

Active mediation of television, internet and mobile advertising
Wonsun Shin

The young luxury consumer in Qatar
Dalia Abdelrahman Farrag

Determinants of personal factors in influencing the buying behavior of consumers in sales promotion: a case of fashion industry
Fazal ur Rehman, Rosman Bin Md Yusoff, Shafie Bin Mohamed Zabri, and Fadillah Binti Ismail

Binge watching and college students: motivations and outcomes
Swati Panda and Satyendra C. Pandey

Co-designing with young consumers – reflections, challenges and benefits
James Durl, Jakob Trischler, and Timo Dietrich