TOC: Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 34(6)

The impact of country of origin on context effects in choice
Moon-Yong Kim and Byung Il Park

Invariant effect of individual cultural orientations: an application of CVSCALE
Boonghee Yoo and Geon-Cheol Shin

Examining the role of empathy on third-country nationals’ foreign product purchase behaviour
Tariq Abdullatif Halimi, Clare D’Souza, and Gillian Sullivan-Mort

Institutional-driven dimensions and the capacity to start a business
Jose Carlos M. Pinho and Douglas Thompson

Determinants of the governance structure of the international franchise firm
Maria Jell-Ojobor and Josef Windsperger

MNCs and religious influences in global markets
Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Susan Rose, Stephen Wilkins, and Junaid Ul Haq

Perceptions and effects of cross-national corporate reputation
Bernhard Swoboda and Johannes Hirschmann

Market challenges, learning and customer orientation, and innovativeness in IJVs
Chansoo Park, Chang Hoon Oh, and Azilah Kasim