TOC: Qual Market Res Intl J


Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 20(4)

How memorable experiences influence brand preference
Jens Stach

From “participant” to “friend”: the role of Facebook engagement in ethnographic research
Prabash Aminda Edirisingha, Jamal Abarashi, Shelagh Ferguson, and Rob Aitken

Individuals’ preference for multiple media use – underlying motives
Helen R. Robinson

Young children’s influence on family consumer behavior
Kátia Eloisa Bertol, Patricia Liebesny Broilo, Lélis Balestrin Espartel, and Kenny Basso

Perceived consumption vulnerability of elderly citizens
Subhadip Roy and Shamindra Nath Sanyal

Using performative knowledge production to explore marketplace exclusion
Gemma Burgess, Mihaela Kelemen, Sue Moffat, and Elizabeth Parsons