TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 23(6)

Holiday Destination Image and Personality of a Greek Island During an Economic Recession Period and the Intermediate Effect of the Utilitarian and Non-Utilitarian Needs

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Looking through Outdoor Advertising Images for Beauty in Argentina, Chile, Hungary, and Romania

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The Interaction Effects of Social Norms and Dissatisfaction toward Drinking on Willingness to Visit and Comment on Binge Drinking Prevention Facebook

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Can Social Media Campaigns Backfire? Exploring Consumers’ Attitudes and Word-of-Mouth Toward Four Social Media Campaigns and Its Implications on Consumer-Campaign Identification

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?Tax? and ?Fee? Frames in Green Advertisements: The Influence of Self-Transcendence in Reusable Bag Usage

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The Mediating Role of Customer Relationship on the Social Media Marketing and Purchase Intention Relationship with Special Reference to Luxury Fashion Brands

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Promoting Vegetarianism through Moralization and Knowledge Calibration

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Understanding ?Native Advertising? from the Perspective of Communication Strategies

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A Content Analysis of Bonus Pack Promotions

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