TOC: J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 33(15/16)


The dark side of marketing: introduction to the special issue
Kate L. Daunt & Dominique A. Greer [Publisher]

Schadenfreude and product failures: the role of product deservingness and product status
Ethan Pancer, Lindsay McShane & Maxwell Poole [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When ambush marketing is beneficial to sponsorship awareness: creating sponsor distinctiveness using exclusivity and brand juxtaposition
Clinton S. Weeks, Peter J. O’Connor & Brett A. S. Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beating, ditching and hiding: consumers’ everyday resistance to marketing
Teresa Heath, Robert Cluley & Lisa O’Malley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dark side of consumer life in the age of virtual and mobile technology
Mohammadali Zolfagharian & Atefeh Yazdanparast [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Don’t feed the trolling: rethinking how online trolling is being defined and combated
Maja Golf-Papez & Ekant Veer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deterring deviant consumer behaviour: when ‘it’s wrong, don’t do it’ doesn’t work
Paula Dootson , Ian Lings , Amanda Beatson & Kim A. Johnston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Research frontiers on the dark side of consumer behaviour: The case of materialism and compulsive buying
George P. Moschis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer intentions to falsify personal information online: unethical or justifiable?
Girish Punj [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

There is no dark side of customer aggression – It’s all dark
Dana Yagil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]