TOC: J Con Res


Journal of Consumer Research, 44(4)

Making Sense from (Apparent) Senselessness: The JCR Lens
Darren W. Dahl; Eileen Fischer; Gita V. Johar; Vicki G. Morwitz

How Self-Control Shapes the Meaning of Choice
Aner Sela; Jonah Berger; Joshua Kim

Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Contribution Type
Diogo Hildebrand; Yoshiko DeMotta; Sankar Sen ; Ana Valenzuela

Self-Expression Cues in Product Rating Distributions: When People Prefer Polarizing Products
Bella Rozenkrants ; S Christian Wheeler; Baba Shiv

Witnessing Moral Violations Increases Conformity in Consumption
Ping Dong; Chen-Bo Zhong

The Price of Beauty: Differential Effects of Design Elements with and without Cost Implications in Nonprofit Donor Solicitations
Claudia Townsend

Out-of-Category Brand Imitation: Product Categorization Determines Copycat Evaluation
Femke van Horen; Rik Pieters

Eliciting Time versus Money: Time Scarcity Underlies Asymmetric Wage Rates
Ashwani Monga; Frank May ; Rajesh Bagchi

To Profit or Not to Profit? The Role of Greed Perceptions in Consumer Support for Social Ventures
Saerom Lee ; Lisa E. Bolton; Karen Page Winterich

So Close I Can Almost Sense It: The Interplay between Sensory Imagery and Psychological Distance
Ryan S. Elder; Ann E. Schlosser; Morgan Poor; Lidan Xu

Cultivating Optimism: How to Frame Your Future during a Health Challenge
Donnel A. Briley; Melanie Rudd; Jennifer Aaker

Fill Up Your Senses: A Theory of Self-Worth Restoration through High-Intensity Sensory Consumption
Rishtee K. Batra; Tanuka Ghoshal

Tutorial in Consumer Research

Asking Questions with Reflexive Focus: A Tutorial on Designing and Conducting Interviews
Zeynep Arsel