TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 146(1)

CSR Initiatives as Market Signals: A Review and Research Agenda
Fabrizio Zerbini

A ‘Names-and-Faces Approach’ to Stakeholder Identification and Salience: A Matter of Status
Elise Perrault

Exploring Corporations’ Dialogue About CSR in the Digital Era
Laura Illia, Stefania Romenti, Belén Rodríguez-Cánovas, Grazia Murtarelli & Craig E. Carroll

Multinational Corporations’ Strategies at the Base of the Pyramid: An Action Research Inquiry
François Perrot

Is Institutional Ownership Related to Corporate Social Responsibility? The Nonlinear Relation and Its Implication for Stock Return Volatility
Maretno Harjoto, Hoje Jo & Yongtae Kim

Does Ownership Structure Matter? The Effects of Insider and Institutional Ownership on Corporate Social Responsibility
Won-Yong Oh, Jongseok Cha & Young Kyun Chang

Aligning Civic and Corporate Leadership with Human Dignity: Activism at the Intersection of Business and Government
Knut Kipper

No Company is an Island. Sector-Related Responsibilities as Elements of Corporate Social Responsibility
Lisa Herzog

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Organizations: The Link Between Governance and Asset Diversions in Public Charities
Erica Harris, Christine Petrovits & Michelle H. Yetman

Business for Good? An Investigation into the Strategies Firms Use to Maximize the Impact of Financial Corporate Philanthropy on Employee Attitudes
Emily S. Block, Ante Glavas, Michael J. Mannor & Laura Erskine

Ethics, Faith, and Profit: Exploring the Motives of the U.S. Fair Trade Social Entrepreneurs
John James Cater, Lorna A. Collins & Brent D. Beal

A Further Examination of the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance on Investment Decisions
Jeffrey Cohen, Lori Holder-Webb & Samer Khalil

The Role of Gender and Age in Business Students’ Values, CSR Attitudes, and Responsible Management Education: Learnings from the PRME International Survey
Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Mehrdokht Pournader & Andrew McKinnon

CSR, Innovation, and Firm Performance in Sluggish Growth Contexts: A Firm-Level Empirical Analysis
Rachel Bocquet, Christian Le Bas, Caroline Mothe & Nicolas Poussing