TOC: Exp Econ


Experimental Economics, 20(4)

Transparency and cooperation in repeated dilemma games: a meta study
Lenka Fiala & Sigrid Suetens

Optimistic irrationality and overbidding in private value auctions
Sotiris Georganas, Dan Levin & Peter McGee

Externalities in appropriation: responses to probabilistic losses
Esther Blanco, Tobias Haller & James M. Walker

Do people who care about others cooperate more? Experimental evidence from relative incentive pay
Pablo Hernandez-Lagos, Dylan Minor & Dana Sisak

Leaving the market or reducing the coverage? A model-based experimental analysis of the demand for insurance
Anne Corcos, François Pannequin & Claude Montmarquette

A trust game in loss domain
Ola Kvaløy, Miguel Luzuriaga & Trond E. Olsen

The effect of acute pain on risky and intertemporal choice
Lina Koppel, David Andersson, India Morrison, Kinga Posadzy, Daniel Västfjäll & Gustav Tinghög

Redistributive choices and increasing income inequality: experimental evidence for income as a signal of deservingness
Laura K. Gee, Marco Migueis & Sahar Parsa

The emergence of language differences in artificial codes
Fuhai Hong & Xiaojian Zhao

Asymmetric and endogenous within-group communication in competitive coordination games
Timothy N. Cason, Roman M. Sheremeta & Jingjing Zhang

An experiment on auctions with endogenous budget constraints
Lawrence M. Ausubel, Justin E. Burkett & Emel Filiz-Ozbay