Exchange, Technology, Externalities and Institutions


Extending Robert F. Lusch's "Big Picture" Thinking, Special issue of Journal of Macromarketing; Deadline 19 Jan 2019

Call for Papers for a special issue of the Journal of Macromarketing

“Extending Robert F. Lusch’s ‘Big Picture’ Thinking”

Special issue editor: Charles Ingene, University of Oklahoma

Robert F. Lusch spoke in a plenary session at the 2015 Macromarketing Conference in Chicago where he shared four ideas he felt will be important for macromarketing scholars in the future. He highlighted that humans have an innate propensity for 1) engaging in exchange with each other, 2) creating technology, 3) making choices that have unseen costs (aka externalities), and 4) developing institutions to coordinate exchanges and other interactions. Bob’s speech, and four essay commentaries, are in the September 2017 issue of the Journal of Macromarketing.

Papers focusing on Exchange, Technology, Externalities, and Institutions are welcome, as are other topics that interested Bob over the years. All submissions will be reviewed for their ability to extend Bob Lusch’s thinking, and for their macromarketing focus. Macromarketing employs a systems view to focus on the interplay of marketing and society.

The objective of this special issue is to stimulate a lively discussion about what it means to “think big” like Bob did. In this statement we include what “big thinking” means to marketing scholars today, and what it is apt to mean in the future. We invite empirical, conceptual, and theoretical contributions on the following topics – and on other topics that reflect facets of Bob’s thinking:

  1. Exchange,
  2. Technology,
  3. Externalities,
  4. Institutions,
  5. Complexity,
  6. Service-Dominant Logic, and
  7. Business Ecosystems.

Submissions are due no later than January 15, 2019 at

Indicate that your paper is intended for this special issue. Manuscripts guidelines are available at: Please direct any inquiries or expressions of interest to the special issue editor, Charles Ingene at We expected accepted papers to be published in 2020.