TOC: Service Bus


Service Business, 11(4)

The role of other customers during self-service technology failure
Youjae Yi & Seo Young Kim

Efficiency of travel agency franchises: a study in Spain
José M. Ramírez-Hurtado & Ignacio Contreras

Could consumer choice be influenced by intertemporal factors? a study of consumer behavior in the Chinese theme park “S” in Chengdu
Zhenzhong Guan, Na Zhao & Panpan Hao

The effect of organizational responses to service failures on customer satisfaction perception
Millissa F. Y. Cheung & W. M. To

Error management culture and turnover intent among food and beverage employees in deluxe hotels: the mediating effect of job satisfaction
Hyo Sun Jung & Hye Hyun Yoon

Effects of social media on consumers’ purchase decisions: evidence from Taobao
Kee-Young Kwahk & Byoungsoo Kim

Predicting direct marketing response in banking: comparison of class imbalance methods
Vera L. Miguéis, Ana S. Camanho & José Borges

Perceived justice and post-recovery satisfaction in banking service failures: Do commitment types matter?
Oznur Ozkan Tektas

When customers want to become frontline employees: an exploratory study of decision factors and motivation types
Chen-Ya Wang, Priyanko Guchait, Cheng-Hsin Chiang & Wan-Ting Weng