TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(11)

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General Volume 146, Issue 11, (Nov)

A relative bilingual advantage in switching with preparation: Nuanced explorations of the proposed association between bilingualism and task switching.
Stasenko, Alena; Matt, Georg E.; Gollan, Tamar H.

The nature of short-term consolidation in visual working memory.
Ricker, Timothy J.; Hardman, Kyle O.

Children understand that agents maximize expected utilities.
Jara-Ettinger, Julian; Floyd, Sammy; Tenenbaum, Joshua B.; Schulz, Laura E.

Examining overlap in behavioral and neural representations of morals, facts, and preferences.
Theriault, Jordan; Waytz, Adam; Heiphetz, Larisa; Young, Liane

Erasing and blurring memories: The differential impact of interference on separate aspects of forgetting.
Sun, Sol Z.; Fidalgo, Celia; Barense, Morgan D.; Lee, Andy C. H.; Cant, Jonathan S.; Ferber, Susanne

Effects of learning on somatosensory decision-making and experiences.
Ul Huque, Akib; Poliakoff, Ellen; Brown, Richard J.

A combined experimental and individual-differences investigation into mind wandering during a video lecture.
Kane, Michael J.; Smeekens, Bridget A.; von Bastian, Claudia C.; Lurquin, John H.; Carruth, Nicholas P.; Miyake, Akira