TOC: J Service Theory Prac


Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 27(6)

Service quality and global competitiveness: evidence from global service firms
Wenbin Sun and Jing Pang

Trust, information asymmetry and professional service online referral agents
Giuseppe Pedeliento, Daniela Andreini, Mara Bergamaschi, and Jane Elizabeth Klobas

Impact of frontline service employees’ acculturation behaviors on customer satisfaction and commitment in intercultural service encounters
Sanjaya Singh Gaur, Piyush Sharma, Halimin Herjanto, and Russel P.J. Kingshott

A contingency model of “Face” loss in service encounters: an Eastern cultural context
Chuanchuen Akkawanitcha and Paul G. Patterson

The beginning of value co-creation: understanding dynamics, efforts and betterment
Tom Chen, Shirley Ou Yang, and Cheryl Leo