TOC: Intl J Sports Mar Sponsor


International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 18(4)

The expected social impact of the Winter Olympic Games and the attitudes of non-host residents toward bidding
Dongfeng Liu, Christopher Hautbois, and Michel Desbordes

Mary Ann to her Ginger: comparing the extended brand identity of two elite female athletes
Jami Lobpries, Gregg Bennett, and Natasha Brison

Retrospection and state of sports marketing and sponsorship research in IJSMS from 1999 to 2015
Chang-Hyun Jin

A model bridging team brand experience and sponsorship brand experience
Rui Biscaia, Galen Trail, Stephen Ross, and Masayuki Yoshida

Stakeholder influence strategies in China: the case of Beijing’s MasterCard Center
Hanhan Xue and Dan Mason

The distant fan segment
Haozhou Pu and Jeffrey James