TOC: Intl J Adv


International Journal of Advertising, 36(6)

Introduction to the IJA special issue Latin America
Stephan Dahl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creativity identity in Colombia: the advertising creatives’ perspective
David Roca, Bradley Wilson, Andres Barrios & Omar Muñoz-Sánchez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identifying the factors that influence eWOM in SNSs: the case of Chile
Pablo Farías [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparing advertising effectiveness in South-American and North-American contexts: testing Hofstede’s and Inglehart’s cultural dimensions in the higher education sector
Albena Pergelova & Fernando Angulo-Ruiz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online advertising disclaimers in unregulated markets: use of disclaimers by multinational and local companies in the Brazilian toy industry
Andres Rodriguez Veloso , Diogo Hildebrand & Katherine Braun Galvão Bueno Sresnewsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting the sustainability message across: an endorsed Colombian environmental cinematographic strategy
Andrés Barrios, Bradley Wilson & Claudia Arias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparing children’s explicit and implicit understanding of advertising and placement on TV
Rodrigo Uribe & Alejandra Fuentes-García [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are pharmaceutical ads affording consumers a greater say in their health care? The evaluation and self-empowerment effects of different ad appeals in Brazil
Isabell Koinig, Sandra Diehl & Barbara Mueller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]