TOC: J Supply Chain Man


Journal of Supply Chain Management, 53(4)

A Supply Chain Perspective on Strategic Foothold Moves in Emerging Markets
Christopher W. Craighead, David J. Ketchen Jr., Matthew T. Jenkins and Mary C. Holcomb [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning from Conformance Quality Failures That Triggered Product Recalls: The Role of Direct and Indirect Experience
David C. Hall and Tracy D. Johnson-Hall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Responses to Supplier-Induced Disruptions: A Fuzzy-Set Analysis
Felix Reimann, Tobias Kosmol and Lutz Kaufmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A New Paradigm for Systematic Literature Reviews in Supply Chain Management
Christian F. Durach, Joakim Kembro and Andreas Wieland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]