TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 60(5)

Special Research Forum

An Inconvenient Truth: How Organizations Translate Climate Change into Business as Usual
Christopher Wright and Daniel Nyberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Volunteering Climate: Mobilizing Employee Passion for Societal Causes and Inspiring Future Charitable Action
Jessica B. Rodell, Jonathan E. Booth, John W. Lynch and Kate P. Zipay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Masters of Disasters? An Empirical Analysis of How Societies Benefit from Corporate Disaster Aid
Luis Ballesteros, Michael Useem and Tyler Wry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Networks, Technology, and Entrepreneurship: A Field Quasi-experiment among Women in Rural India
Viswanath Venkatesh, Jason D. Shaw, Tracy Ann Sykes, Samuel Fosso Wamba and Mary Macharia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Danger of Not Listening to Firms: Government Responsiveness and the Goal of Regulatory Compliance
Edmund Malesky and Markus Taussig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

High-Stakes Institutional Translation: Establishing North America’s First Government-sanctioned Supervised Injection Site
Thomas B. Lawrence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How does a Grand Challenge Become Displaced? Explaining the Duality of Field Mobilization
Stine Grodal and SiobhÁn O’Mahony [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Additional Articles

Unpacking the CEO–Board Relationship: How Strategy Making Happens in Entrepreneurial Firms
Sam Garg and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-reliance: A Gender Perspective on its Relationship to Communality and Leadership Evaluations
Rebecca L. Schaumberg and Francis J. Flynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Red Queen Competitive Imitation in the U.K. Mobile Phone Industry
Claudio Giachetti, Joseph Lampel and Stefano Li Pira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Can Humble Top Executives Retain Middle Managers? The Moderating Role of Top Management Team Faultlines
Amy Y. Ou, Jungmin (Jamie) Seo, Dongwon Choi and Peter W. Hom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce Employee Turnover? Evidence from Attorneys Before and After 9/11
Seth Carnahan, David Kryscynski and Daniel Olson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shady Characters: The Implications of Illicit Organizational Roles for Resilient Team Performance
H. Colleen Stuart and Celia Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge Dependence and the Formation of Director Interlocks
Michael D. Howard, Michael C. Withers and Laszlo Tihanyi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Male Immorality: An Evolutionary Account of Sex Differences in Unethical Negotiation Behavior
Margaret Lee, Marko Pitesa, Madan M. Pillutla and Stefan Thau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]