Eye tracking


Desktop, Natural and Virtual Environments, Monash University, 13-15 Feb 2018

Summer school announcement:

Eye tracking in Desktop, Natural and Virtual Environments

13 – 15 February 2018 | Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Instructors: Martin Meißner, Jella Pfeiffer, Thies Pfeiffer, and Jacob Orquin

Chair: Harmen Oppewal


The course has a lecture/discussion format and a hands-on experimental component. The interactive lectures will focus on the theoretical background of visual attention. In a hands-on practical exercise participants will record eye movements in a lab setting. Participants can then use provided open source software for analyzing the data as well as other (open source) statistical software package of their choice. Finally, they will present first results and discuss their learnings in class. We will also bring mobile eye tracking equipment to the class so that participants can trial and become familiar with new mobile eye tracking technologies, existing open source software and receive instruction into the do’s and don’ts regarding the various devices.

Course content:

  • Eye tracking basics
  • Bottom-up and top-down processes of visual attention
  • Eye tracking measures and their meaning (pupil dilation, fixation duration, eye blinks, saccadic distances)
  • Handling and management of eye tracking data
  • Mobile eye tracking equipment and annotation of fixations
  • Use of mobile eye tracking in virtual and augmented reality
  • OpenSource eye tracking software
  • Analysis of eye tracking data
  • Hands-on mobile eye tracking equipment: Track a short sequence with mobile eye tracking equipment
  • Individual feedback by course instructors on submitted research proposals or posters

Application deadline: November 20, 2017

Fee: None (costs for logistics, accommodations, food etc. are not covered)

More information can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/summerschool-eyetracking