TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 107(10)

How Local Are Labor Markets? Evidence from a Spatial Job Search Model
Alan Manning and Barbara Petrongolo

Trade Liberalization and Regional Dynamics
Rafael Dix-Carneiro and Brian K. Kovak

Steering the Climate System: Using Inertia to Lower the Cost of Policy
Derek Lemoine and Ivan Rudik

Defensive Investments and the Demand for Air Quality: Evidence from the NOx Budget Program
Olivier Deschênes, Michael Greenstone and Joseph S. Shapiro

Competing for Loyalty: The Dynamics of Rallying Support
Matias Iaryczower and Santiago Oliveros

Politician Family Networks and Electoral Outcomes: Evidence from the Philippines
Cesi Cruz, Julien Labonne and Pablo Querubín

Financial Intermediation, International Risk Sharing, and Reserve Currencies
Matteo Maggiori

New Evidence on the Aftermath of Financial Crises in Advanced Countries
Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer

The Costs of Sovereign Default: Evidence from Argentina
Benjamin Hébert and Jesse Schreger

Search at the Margin
José A. Carrasco and Lones Smith

The Growth Potential of Startups over the Business Cycle
Petr Sedlácek and Vincent Sterk

Exporter Dynamics and Partial-Year Effects
Andrew B. Bernard, Esther Ann Boler, Renzo Massari, Jose-Daniel Reyes and Daria Taglioni

The Cyclicality of Sales, Regular, and Effective Prices: Business Cycle and Policy Implications: Comment
Etienne Gagnon, David López-Salido and Jason Sockin

News Shocks and the Slope of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Comment
Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia

News Shocks and the Slope of the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Reply
André Kurmann and Christopher Otrok