TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 23(4)

Promotional Competitions: A Taxonomy of Campaign Framing Choices Integrating Economic, Informational, and Affective Objectives
Steve Ogden, Stella Minahan & David Bednall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Time Pressure and Time Planning in Explaining Advertising Avoidance Behavior
José I. Rojas-Méndez & Gary Davies [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dramaturgy of a Campaign: Viewing the Advertising Agency Process as a Theatrical Production
Heather M. Meyer & Steven A. Schulz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Social Media Matter? Investigating the Effect of Social Media Features on Consumer Attitudes
Denni Arli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand Appearance in Chinese and American Top-Grossing Commercial Movies: A Comparison
Huan Chen & Ye Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moral Emotions and Self-Construal in Charity Advertising: Communication on Focus
Jie Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Contents in Japanese OTC Drug Advertising from Elaboration Likelihood Model Perspective: Content Analysis of TV Commercials and OTC Drug Websites
Mariko Morimoto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reaching Goals doing Good: Exploring Consumer Responses to Meaningful Advertisements
Linwan Wu & Naa Amponsah Dodoo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]