TOC: Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 66

Green supply chain practices and environmental performance in Brazil: Survey, case studies, and implications for B2B Original Research Article
Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, Diego Vazquez-Brust, Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, Hengky Latan

Drivers of supplier-customer relationship profitability in China: Assessing International Joint Ventures versus State Owned Enterprises Original Research Article
Bonnie Dawson, Louise Young, John M. Murray, Ian Wilkinson

Selling Value in Business Markets: Individual and Organizational Factors for Turning the Idea into Action Original Research Article
Harri Terho, Andreas Eggert, Wolfgang Ulaga, Alexander Haas, Eva Böhm

Likeability and its effect on outcomes of interpersonal interaction Original Research Article
Niels J. Pulles, Paul Hartman

Social media use in B2b sales and its impact on competitive intelligence collection and adaptive selling: Examining the role of learning orientation as an enabler Original Research Article
Omar S. Itani, Raj Agnihotri, Rebecca Dingus

Client dependence and vendor innovation: The moderating role of organizational culture Original Research Article
Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, Haisu Zhang

The future of B2B marketing theory: A historical and prospective analysis Original Research Article
Roberto Mora Cortez, Wesley J. Johnston

Guanxi GRX (ganqing, renqing, xinren) and conflict management in Sino-US business relationships Original Research Article
Dorothy A. Yen, Ibrahim Abosag, Yu-An Huang, Bang Nguyen

Social media research in the industrial marketing field: Review of literature and future research directions Review Article
Jari Salo

Institutional and resource configurations associated with different SME foreign market entry modes Original Research Article
Valerie Lindsay, Michel Rod, Nicholas Ashill

Strategic and operational alignment of sales-marketing interfaces: Dual paths within an SME configuration Original Research Article
Avinash Malshe, Scott B. Friend, Jamal Al-Khatib, Mohammed I. Al-Habib, Habiballah Mohamed Al-Torkistani

Fundamental transformations of trust and its drivers: A multi-stage approach of business-to-business relationships Original Research Article
Houcine Akrout, Mbaye Fall Diallo

Actionable marketing knowledge: A close reading of representation, knowledge and action in market research Original Research Article
Carlos Diaz Ruiz, Maria Holmlund

The Internet of Things – Chance and challenge in industrial business relationships Original Research Article
Christine Falkenreck, Ralf Wagner

The multiplicity of organizing visions Original Research Article
Susan Standing, Craig Standing, Peter E.D. Love, Denise Gengatharen

Reducing salesperson job stress and unethical intent: The influence of leader-member exchange relationship, socialization and ethical ambiguity Original Research Article
Charles H. Schwepker, Megan C. Good