TOC: Services Mar Quart


Services Marketing Quarterly, 38(3)

Students’ Emotional Experience at the University: An Alternative Approach to Understanding Students as Consumers
Ana M. Arboleda & Julio C. Alonso [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Customer Switching Behavior in the Banking Industry
Park Thaichon, Sara Quach, Amulya Sai Bavalur & Meeta Nair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does High Service Quality Reduce Risk or Create Idiosyncratic Returns?
Chien-Chung Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of the Great Recession on Financial Services Advertising: An Exploratory Study
Kunal Swani & Easwar S. Iyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hospital Marketing and Communications Via Social Media
Katherine Taken Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]