TOC: Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 29(4)

Customer orientation as a psychological construct: evidence from Indian B-B salespeople
Mark C. Johlke and Rajesh Iyer

Extended TPB model to understand consumer “selling” behaviour
Anita Kumar

A brand foci model to explain achievement needs: a contradictory explanation
Jeremy J. Sierra, Harry A. Taute, and Byung-Kwan Lee

The influence of Vietnamese consumers’ altruistic values on their purchase of energy efficient appliances
The Ninh Nguyen, Antonio Lobo, and Steven Greenland

Patterns of Vietnamese buying behaviors on luxury branded products
Ho Huy Tuu, Svein Ottar Olsen, and Le Chi Cong

A cross-national study of apparel consumer preferences and the role of product-evaluative cues
Osmud Rahman, Benjamin C.M. Fung, Zhimin Chen, and Xiang Gao

Returns to search when consumers use and do not use recommendation agents
Satish Sasalu Maheswarappa, Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran, and Arun G. Kumar

Factors affecting consumers’ intention to purchase counterfeit product
Farzana Quoquab, Sara Pahlevan, Jihad Mohammad, and Ramayah Thurasamy

A game-theoretic approach to evaluating the competitiveness of container carriers in the Northeast Asian shipping market
Byung-In Park and Hokey Min

Service quality of sports centers and customer loyalty
Sheng Yen Lee

Marketing private hotel management schools in Australia
Edmund Goh, Sandy Nguyen, and Rob Law

Exploring customer engagement valences in the social services
Kay Naumann, Jana Lay-Hwa Bowden, and Mark Gabbott

Ian Phau