TOC: Young Consumers


Young Consumers, 18(3)

Categorising the money management behaviour of young consumers
Jill Bamforth and Gus Geursen

Gender-based food stereotypes among Turkish university students
Cigdem Basfirinci and Zuhal Cilingir Uk

Decision-making dynamics between Spanish mothers, fathers and children
Isabel Carrero and Torgeir Aleti

Children perceptions of emotional and rational appeals in social advertisements
Valentina Nicolini, Fabio Cassia, and Massimo Bellotto

Marketing bank services to youth in China
Kara Chan, Lennon Tsang, and Jie Chen

Undergraduates’ responses to factors affecting their money management behaviour: some new insights from a qualitative study
Jill Bamforth, Charles Jebarajakirthy, and Gus Geursen

Measuring young consumers’ sustainable consumption behavior: development and validation of the YCSCB scale
Daniel Fischer, Tina Böhme, and Sonja Maria Geiger