TOC: Acad Man J


Academy of Management Journal, 60(4)

From the Editors
Falling in Love Again with What We Do: Academic Craftsmanship in the [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Glass Breaking, Strategy Making, and Value Creating: Meta-Analytic Outcomes of Women as CEOs and TMT members
Seung-Hwan Jeong and David A. Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional Complexity in Turbulent Times: Formalization, Collaboration, and the Emergence of Blended Logics
Tommaso Ramus, Antonino Vaccaro and Stefano Brusoni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Neurological and Ideological Perspective of Ethical Leadership
David A. Waldman, Danni Wang, Sean T. Hannah and Pierre A. Balthazard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Does Medici Hurt Da Vinci? Mitigating the Signaling Effect of Extraneous Stakeholder Relationships in the Field of Cultural Production
Yuliya Shymko and Thomas J. Roulet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic Downturns Undermine Workplace Helping by Promoting a Zero-Sum Construal of Success
Nina Sirola and Marko Pitesa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Conditional Importance of Prior Ties: A Group-Level Analysis of Venture Capital Syndication
Lei Zhang, Anil K. Gupta and Benjamin L. Hallen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Symbiont Practices in Boundary Spanning: Bridging the Cognitive and Political Divides in Interdisciplinary Research
Sarah Kaplan, Jonathan Milde and Ruth Schwartz Cowan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bringing the Boss’s Politics In: Supervisor Political Ideology and the Gender Gap in Earnings
Forrest Briscoe and Aparna Joshi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is it Better to Give or Receive? The Role of Help in Buffering the Depleting Effects of Surface Acting
Marilyn A. Uy, Katrina Jia Lin and Remus Ilies [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Face of the Firm: The Influence of CEOs on Corporate Reputation
E. Geoffrey Love, Jaegoo Lim and Michael K. Bednar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I Just Can’t Control Myself: A Self-Regulation Perspective on the Abuse of Deviant Employees
Mary B. Mawritz, Rebecca L. Greenbaum, Marcus M. Butts and Katrina A. Graham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Risk Aversion and Guanxi Activities: A Behavioral Analysis of CEOs in China
Sonja Opper, Victor Nee and Håkan J. Holm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unequal Bedfellows: Gender Role-based Deference in Multiplex Ties between Korean Business Groups
Jungyun Han, Andrew V. Shipilov and Henrich R. Greve [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Interplay of Team and Organizational Commitment in Motivating Employees’ Interteam Conflict Handling
Joerg Wombacher and Joerg Felfe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ideology and the Micro-foundations of CSR: Why Executives Believe in the Business Case for CSR and how this Affects their CSR Engagements
Sebastian Hafenbrädl and Daniel Waeger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Devils May Sit Here:” The Role of Enchantment in Institutional Maintenance
Sabina Siebert, Fiona Wilson and John R. A. Hamilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]