TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 144(3)

Free Virtual Special Issue on Responsible Management Learning

Do Ethical Social Media Communities Pay Off? An Exploratory Study of the Ability of Facebook Ethical Communities to Strengthen Consumers’ Ethical Consumption Behavior
Johanna Gummerus, Veronica Liljander & Reija Sihlman

Networking, Corruption, and Subversion
Ned Dobos

Irrational Advertising and Moral Autonomy
Alonso Villarán

Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Debt Maturity
Mohammed Benlemlih

Managing New Salespeople’s Ethical Behaviors during Repetitive Failures: When Trying to Help Actually Hurts
Willy Bolander, William J. Zahn, Terry W. Loe & Melissa Clark

The Financial Impact of Firm Withdrawals from “State Sponsor of Terrorism” Countries
Wolfgang Breuer, Moritz Felde & Bertram I. Steininger

Individual Ethical Orientations and the Perceived Acceptability of Questionable Finance Ethics Decisions
Mac Clouse, Robert A. Giacalone, Tricia D. Olsen & Lorenzo Patelli

Should Charity Begin at Home? An Empirical Investigation of Consumers’ Responses to Companies’ Varying Geographic Allocations of Donation Budgets
Laura Marie Schons, John Cadogan & Roumpini Tsakona

Board of Director Gender and Corporate Tax Aggressiveness: An Empirical Analysis
Roman Lanis, Grant Richardson & Grantley Taylor

Does the Business Case Matter? The Effect of a Perceived Business Case on Small Firms’ Social Engagement
Rajat Panwar, Erlend Nybakk, Eric Hansen & Jonatan Pinkse

Religiosity and the Volatility of Stock Prices: A Cross-Country Analysis
Benjamin M. Blau

Machiavellianism, Moral Orientation, Social Desirability Response Bias, and Anti-intellectualism: A Profile of Canadian Accountants
Anis Triki, Gail Lynn Cook & Darlene Bay

Media Bias and the Persistence of the Expectation Gap: An Analysis of Press Articles on Corporate Fraud
Jeffrey Cohen, Yuan Ding, Cédric Lesage & Hervé Stolowy

Does Ethical Image Build Equity in Corporate Services Brands? The Influence of Customer Perceived Ethicality on Affect, Perceived Quality, and Equity
Vicenta Sierra, Oriol Iglesias, Stefan Markovic & Jatinder Jit Singh