TOC: Handbook Mar Dec Models


Handbook of Marketing Decision Models, Book Edited by Berend Wierenga and Ralf van der Lans

Book Edited by Berend Wierenga and Ralf van der Lans

Marketing Decision Models: Progress and Perspectives
Berend Wierenga, Ralf van der Lans

Sales Promotion Models
Harald J. van Heerde, Scott A. Neslin

Innovation and New Products Research: A State-of-the-Art Review, Models for Managerial Decision Making, and Future Research Directions
Tingting Fan, Peter N. Golder, Donald R. Lehmann

Models for the Financial-Performance Effects of Marketing
Dominique M. Hanssens, Marnik G. Dekimpe

Loyalty Programs: Current Insights, Research Challenges, and Emerging Trends
Tammo H. A. Bijmolt, Peter C. Verhoef

Structural Models in Marketing: Consumer Demand and Search
Pradeep Chintagunta

Economic Models of Choice
Greg M. Allenby, Jaehwan Kim, Peter E. Rossi

Empirical Models of Learning Dynamics: A Survey of Recent Developments
Andrew T. Ching, Tülin Erdem, Michael P. Keane

Measurement Models for Marketing Constructs
Hans Baumgartner, Bert Weijters

Marketing Models for the Customer-Centric Firm
Eva Ascarza, Peter S. Fader, Bruce G. S. Hardie

Eye Movements During Search and Choice
Ralf van der Lans, Michel Wedel

Business-Cycle Research in Marketing
Barbara Deleersnyder, Marnik G. Dekimpe

Marketing Models for the Life Sciences Industry
Vardan Avagyan, Vardit Landsman, Stefan Stremersch

Marketing Models for Internet Advertising
Randolph E. Bucklin, Paul R. Hoban

Advertising Effectiveness and Media Exposure
Peter J. Danaher

Social Media Analytics
Wendy W. Moe, Oded Netzer, David A. Schweidel

Integrating Social Networks into Marketing Decision Models
Xi Chen, Ralf van der Lans, Michael Trusov

Morphing Theory and Applications
Gui B. Liberali, John R. Hauser, Glen L. Urban