TOC: American Econ Rev


American Economic Review, 107(9)

Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity
Klaus Desmet, Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín and Romain Wacziarg

The Margins of Global Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from US Firms
Pol Antràs, Teresa C. Fort and Felix Tintelnot

Bias in Cable News: Persuasion and Polarization
Gregory J. Martin and Ali Yurukoglu

Why Are Indian Children So Short? The Role of Birth Order and Son Preference
Seema Jayachandran and Rohini Pande

The Fundamental Surplus
Lars Ljungqvist and Thomas J. Sargent

Optimal Allocation with Ex Post Verification and Limited Penalties
Tymofiy Mylovanov and Andriy Zapechelnyuk

Relational Knowledge Transfers
Luis Garicano and Luis Rayo

Policy Uncertainty, Trade, and Welfare: Theory and Evidence for China and the United States
Kyle Handley and Nuno Limão

WTO Accession and Performance of Chinese Manufacturing Firms
Loren Brandt, Johannes Van Biesebroeck, Luhang Wang and Yifan Zhang

The Wind of Change: Maritime Technology, Trade, and Economic Development
Luigi Pascali

Virtual Classrooms: How Online College Courses Affect Student Success
Eric P. Bettinger, Lindsay Fox, Susanna Loeb and Eric S. Taylor