TOC: Psychometrika


Psychometrika, 82(3)

Assessing the Size of Model Misfit in Structural Equation Models
Alberto Maydeu-Olivares

Standard Errors and Confidence Intervals of Norm Statistics for Educational and Psychological Tests
Hannah E. M. Oosterhuis, L. Andries van der Ark, Klaas Sijtsma

Objective Bayesian Comparison of Constrained Analysis of Variance Models
Guido Consonni, Roberta Paroli

Multiple Equating of Separate IRT Calibrations
Michela Battauz

On the Finiteness of the Weighted Likelihood Estimator of Ability
David Magis, Norman Verhelst

Lower Bounds to the Reliabilities of Factor Score Estimators
David J. Hessen

Regularized Latent Class Analysis with Application in Cognitive Diagnosis
Yunxiao Chen, Xiaoou Li, Jingchen Liu, Zhiliang Ying

A Variational Maximization–Maximization Algorithm for Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Crossed Random Effects
Minjeong Jeon, Frank Rijmen, Sophia Rabe-Hesketh

Simulation-Extrapolation with Latent Heteroskedastic Error Variance
J. R. Lockwood, Daniel F. McCaffrey

Regularized Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis: A Framework for Sequential Multiblock Component Methods
Michel Tenenhaus, Arthur Tenenhaus, Patrick J. F. Groenen

Sparse Exploratory Factor Analysis
Nickolay T. Trendafilov, Sara Fontanella, Kohei Adachi

Modeling Omitted and Not-Reached Items in IRT Models
Norman Rose, Matthias von Davier, Benjamin Nagengast

A Hierarchical Model for Accuracy and Choice on Standardized Tests
Steven Andrew Culpepper, James Joseph Balamuta

Modeling Learning in Doubly Multilevel Binary Longitudinal Data Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models: An Application to Measuring and Explaining Word Learning
Sun-Joo Cho, Amanda P. Goodwin