TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 60(5)

Passing the baton: Lessons in leadership transition from my tenure as editor-in-chief at Business Horizons
Jeffery S. McMullen

How to date your clients in the 21st century: Challenges in managing customer relationships in today’s world
Michael Haenlein

From startup to scalable enterprise: Laying the foundation
Joseph C. Picken

The counter-conventional mindsets of entrepreneurs
John Mullins

Social entrepreneurship performance measurement: A time-based organizing framework
Bernard Arogyaswamy

Online serendipity: The case for curated recommender systems
Henry M. Kim, Bita Ghiasi, Max Spear, Marek Laskowski, Jiye Li

Taking a global view on brand post popularity: Six social media brand post practices for global markets
Hsin-Chen Lin, Hepsi Swarna, Patrick F. Bruning

An inside perspective on carbon disclosure
Christian Blanco, Felipe Caro, Charles J. Corbett

Practicing fairness in the family business workplace
Georges Samara, Daniel Arenas

Strategic personal branding—And how it pays off
Deva Rangarajan, Betsy D. Gelb, Amy Vandaveer

The Internet of Things: Are you ready for what’s coming?
Ted Saarikko, Ulrika H. Westergren, Tomas Blomquist

The rise of 3-D printing: The advantages of additive manufacturing over traditional manufacturing
Mohsen Attaran

An integrated approach to managing extended supply chain networks
Kenneth Saban, John R. Mawhinney, Matthew J. Drake

The alliance map: A tool for managing fear and greed in alliances
Peter Hwang

What happened to civility? Understanding rude behavior through the lens of organizational justice
Juliana D. Lilly

Internationalization strategies of emerging market banks: Challenges and opportunities
Joseph C. Marques, Anna Lupina-Wegener, Susan Schneider

Key factors in the triumph of Pokémon GO
Ailie K.Y. Tang

Why do good employees stay in bad organizations?
Aaron A. Buchko, Caleb Buscher, Kathleen J. Buchko