Track Chairs Requested


Organizers of the 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference call for track chairs and special sessions

Call for Track Chairs and Special Sessions

The 43rd Annual Macromarketing Conference will be held on 10-13rd July, 2018, in Leipzig, Germany.

Please contact: with proposals for tracks or special sessions, including a statement of how the track/session relates to macromarketing, by the end of September 2017.

Topics for Track Proposals

We welcome both established and emerging topics that draw significant attention within macromarketing research. A conference theme “Change between complexity and simplicity” has already been set up.

Topics of interest may include everything related to this topic or to macromarketing in general like for example critical social marketing; ethics and social justice; consumer vulnerability; quality of life and well-being; social value, inequality, responsibility, marketing and development, competition versus/and cooperation, markets and marketing systems, sustainability, history, and globalization.

Each proposal will be evaluated by the conference committee. Decisions will be based on (a) the overall merit of the proposal, (b) the significance of the subject covered, and the (c) fit with the conference theme.

The conference committee will select tracks with the objective being to (a) balance the more traditional macromarketing topics with emerging topics, and (b) to support diversity of chairs. If needed, track proposals might be merged in order to obtain the best possible coverage of topics and the best mix of track chairs. The deadline for papers will be January 20th, 2018. Acceptances will be given to successful authors by 10th March 2018.

Track Chair Responsibilities

We cordially invite fellow researchers to propose tracks on their particular field of interest. Your responsibilities as a track chair will be to:

  1. Liaise with the conference chair or organizing team on all matters that concern Macromarketing Conference 2018;
  2. Promote the track and take sufficient measures to ensure an adequate number of submissions;
  3. Organize a peer review cycle for the papers submitted to your track, track chairs will assure that each paper will receive high quality reviews;
  4. Propose to the program committee the papers that are accepted for inclusion into the conference program.
  5. Identify one or two papers that might be candidates for “best conference” paper in advance of the Macromarketing Conference meeting.
  6. At least one of the track co-chairs should attend Macromarketing Conference 2018 and serve as session chair in your track.

Structure of Track proposals

Track proposals should include:

  1. A title for the track.
  2. Names, e-mail and mailing addresses, affiliations, phone numbers, urls of website of each of the three to four track co-chairs. Please designate one of the co-chairs as the primary contact person.
  3. A short description of the track and its focus (maximum length: 500 words and about 5 to 15 potential suggested topics): define the proposed area of research; discuss the topics that the track will address and how these align with the macromarketing conference theme.

All track proposals should be submitted electronically in Microsoft word format to the conference committee:

Conference chair and Conference Committee:

Conference Chair: Helge Löbler

Conference committee:

Helge Löbler, Janine Mörstedt, Michelle Wloka, Pablo Barriga, Sebastian Stieler.