Using Marketing Simulations


Best practices with Marketplace? simulations, Townsend, TN, 18-20 Sep 2017

Free Workshop—How to Use Marketing Simulations

Learn best practices for designing and running a course with Marketplace® marketing simulations, featuring our New Bike Edition with Internet Marketing: Sept 18-20, 2017

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • Experience first-hand,
  • the impact that playing has on student motivation and learning
  • the job-ready, marketing skills that students can develop
  • Learn best practices in designing and running a course with Marketplace® Live
  • Development of your professional coaching skills
  • How to get the most out of the instructor tools and software
  • One-on-one consultation with a simulation expert for your specific educational needs

Experience the benefits and challenges of operating an entrepreneurial, marketing division

To grasp the full potential of Marketplace Live, you will be participating in several decision rounds of our new bike simulation. At strategic points during the workshop, the author of Marketplace, Dr. Ernie Cadotte, will pause the simulation to discuss best practices in managing a Marketplace experience.

Success will require a comprehensive marketing strategy and well-conceived, tactical decision-making. You will sweat the details of brand design, pricing, advertising, and sales channel management. To profitably deliver the best value to your target markets, you must embrace adaptive learning and skillful adjustment.

Our new simulations, Intro to Marketing, Strategic Marketing, and Advanced Strategic Marketing, share many of the learning elements across all of the Marketplace simulations; therefore, there will be good cross-learning with the simulation of your choice.

Details and Registration

When: September 18-20, 2017
Where: Townsend, TN

This workshop will be hosted in Townsend, Tennessee, just a few minutes from the Smoky Mountains National Park. If you’ve never been to this park, I recommend extending your stay either a couple of days before or after the workshop to explore these beautiful mountains.

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