MPPC 2018


AMA Marketing & Public Policy Conference, Columbus, OH, 7-9 Jun 2018; Deadline 31 Oct

AMA Marketing & Public Policy Conference

Columbus, OH,
June 7-9, 2018


  • Karthik Easwar, Georgetown University
  • Cait Lamberton, University of Pittsburgh
  • Rebecca Walker Reczek, The Ohio State University

Rigorous Science, Public Good

The Marketing & Public Policy Conference (MPPC) is the premier national and international event for marketing academics, public policy makers, and marketing practitioners interested in social and public policy. Our conference theme is, “Rigorous Science, Public Good.” In selecting this theme, we wanted to do two things: First, in a time when social science research is facing substantial skepticism, we wanted to highlight the rigor from which policy research in marketing has historically benefited. Not only have we broken outside single-method silos, using rich ethnographic explorations, secondary and archival data analysis, surveys, and experimental inquiry, we have often drawn from multiple disciplines, reducing tendencies toward myopia that can limit research’s relevance. The rigor of this approach is critical in developing research that can reliably inform policy decisions.

Second, we see marketing and policy research as a public good – a common resource to which we all contribute. As a public good, our work should be widely accessible, carefully stewarded, and continually transforming to meet the needs of our communities. We hope that the work presented to the conference embodies these two ideas, while also encouraging greater rigor and deeper commitment to contributing to consumer well-being.

All materials for consideration should be submitted via the AMA’s online submission management system (via ScholarOne Abstract) by October 31, 2017. Please note that there will be no planned extensions for the 2018 submission process.

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