TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 26(5)

The impact of corporate social responsibility on brand equity: consumer responses to two types of fit
Francisco Guzmán and Donna Davis

Assessing brand equity in the luxury wine market by exploiting tastemaker scores
Amanda J. Blair, Christina Atanasova, Leyland Pitt, Anthony Chan, and Åsa Wallstrom

A comparison of brand equity strength across consumer segments and markets
Lara Stocchi and Rachel Fuller

Brand awareness: revisiting an old metric for a new world
Jenni Romaniuk, Samuel Wight, and Margaret Faulkner

Brand skill: linking brand functionality with consumer-based brand equity
Mayoor Mohan, Fernando R. Jiménez, Brian P. Brown, and Caley Cantrell

The contribution of a brand spokesperson’s voice to consumer-based brand equity
Alice Zoghaib

The asymmetric effect of portfolio and image abstractness
Jennifer L. Stoner, Carlos J. Torelli, and Alokparna Basu Monga

Consumer evaluations of trend imitation: brand equity, consumer attitudes and preference
Areti T. Vogel and Kittichai Watchravesringkan

Guest editorial
Ravi Pappu and George Christodoulides