TOC: Judgment Dec Making


Judgment and Decision Making, 12(4)

The relationship between crowd majority and accuracy for binary decisions
Michael D. Lee, Megan N. Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

FFTrees: A toolbox to create, visualize, and evaluate fast-and-frugal decision trees
Nathaniel D. Phillips, Hansjörg Neth, Jan K. Woike, Wolfgang Gaissmaier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How generalizable is good judgment? A multi-task, multi-benchmark study
Barbara A. Mellers, Joshua D. Baker, Eva Chen, David R. Mandel, Philip E. Tetlock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is broad bracketing always better? How broad decision framing leads to more optimal preferences over repeated gambles
Elizabeth C. Webb, Suzanne B. Shu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When is it appropriate to reprimand a norm violation? The roles of anger, behavioral consequences, violation severity, and social distance
Kimmo Eriksson, Per A. Andersson, Pontus Strimling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The value of vulnerability: The transformative capacity of risky trust
Luigino Bruni, Fabio Tufano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Order effects in the results of song contests: Evidence from the Eurovision and the New Wave
Evgeny A. Antipov, Elena B. Pokryshevskaya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]