TOC: Intl J Adv


International Journal of Advertising, 36(5)


International and methodological diversity in advertising research
Martin Eisend [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Celebrity trait transference: when brands pick up endorsers’ personality traits
Lars Bergkvist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand placement in text: the short- and long-term effects of placement modality and need for cognition
Yana R. Avramova, Patrick De Pelsmacker & Nathalie Dens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How money priming affects consumers in an advertising context: the role of product conspicuousness and consumers’ signalling needs
Verena Hüttl-Maack & M. Shirin Gatter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transferring game attitudes to the brand: persuasion from age 6 to 14
Evy Neyens, Tim Smits & Emma Boyland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The logo matters: the effect of the logo type on the attitude towards co-products
Antonia Kraus & Heribert Gierl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Uncovering the power of natural endorsements: a comparison with celebrity-endorsed advertising and product placements
Cristel Antonia Russell & Dina Rasolofoarison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Insight into everyday media use with multiple screens | Open Access
Claire M. Segijn, Hilde A. M. Voorveld, Lisa Vandeberg, Sjoerd F. Pennekamp & Edith G. Smit [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing through Instagram influencers: the impact of number of followers and product divergence on brand attitude
Marijke De Veirman, Veroline Cauberghe & Liselot Hudders [Publisher] [Google Scholar]