TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 38(9)

Heterogeneous social motives and interactions: The three predictable paths of capability development
Flore Bridoux, Régis Coeurderoy and Rodolphe Durand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How family influence, socioemotional wealth, and competitive conditions shape new technology adoption
David Souder, Akbar Zaheer, Harry Sapienza and Rebecca Ranucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm heterogeneity in complex problem solving: A knowledge-based look at invention
Turanay Caner, Susan K. Cohen and Frits Pil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate sexual equality and firm performance
Liwei Shan, Shihe Fu and Lu Zheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does a long-term orientation create value? Evidence from a regression discontinuity
Caroline Flammer and Pratima Bansal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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Let them go? How losing employees to competitors can enhance firm status
David Tan and Christopher I. Rider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm-specific knowledge assets and employment arrangements: Evidence from CEO compensation design and CEO dismissal
Heli Wang, Shan Zhao and Guoli Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human capital matters: Market valuation of firm investments in training and the role of complementary assets
Shawn M. Riley, Steven C. Michael and Joseph T. Mahoney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-border acquisitions by state-owned firms: How do legitimacy concerns affect the completion and duration of their acquisitions?
Jing Li, Jun Xia and Zhouyu Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The performance implications of resource and pay dispersion: The case of Major League Baseball
Aaron D. Hill, Federico Aime and Jason W. Ridge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Reflections on entry timing and innovation strategy
Ronald Klingebiel and John Joseph [Publisher] [Google Scholar]