TOC: Service Sci


Service Science, 9(2)

Pareto Improving Supply Chain Coordination Under a Money-Back Guarantee Service Program
Jafar Heydari, Tsan-Ming Choi, and Saghi Radkhah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Satisfaction as Mediator Between Website Service Quality and Repurchase Intention: An Emerging Economy Case
Urvashi Tandon, Ravi Kiran, and Ash N. Sah [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of a Discharge Holding Area on the Throughput of a Pediatric Unit
Robert Saltzman, Theresa Roeder, Judith Lambton, Lila Param, Brian Frost, and Roxanne Fernandes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Integrated Framework to Understand How Consumer-Perceived Ethicality Influences Consumer Hotel Brand Loyalty
Mobin Fatma and Zillur Rahman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Technology: Definition and Characteristics Based on a Patent Database
Youngjung Geum, Moon-Soo Kim, and Sungjoo Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Can Some Service Employees Provide Service of a Consistently High Quality While Others Cannot?
I-Chen Lee, Jui-fen Rachel Lu, Ching-Wen Fu, and Ching-I Teng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]