TOC: J Fashion Mar Man


Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 21(3)

Key drivers of an agile, collaborative fast fashion supply chain
Ka-Leung Karen Moon, Ji-yeon Lee, and Sze-yeung Charlotte Lai

Online customer relationship marketing tactics through social media and perceived customer retention orientation of the green retailer
Ju-Young M. Kang and Jieun Kim

Development of an identity model for sector brands
Marina Toledo de Arruda Lourenção and Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi

Measuring the impact of beliefs on luxury buying behavior in an emerging market
Sheetal Jain and Mohd Naved Khan

Determinants of celebrity-owned brands leveraging price premium
Gaganpreet Singh and Neeraj Pandey

How brand interaction in pop-up shops influences consumers’ perceptions of luxury fashion retailers
Julia Taube and Gary Warnaby

Re-visiting an old topic with a new approach: the case of ethical clothing
Bryce Magnuson, Vaughan Reimers, and Fred Chao

Consumption strategies and motivations of Chinese consumers
Claudia Elisabeth Henninger, Panayiota J. Alevizou, JiaoLin Tan, Qiwen Huang, and Daniella Ryding