TOC: J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, (7/8)


The question of ‘alternatives’ within food and drink markets and marketing: introduction to the special issue
Jennifer Smith Maguire, David J. Watson & John T. Lang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Running wild in the marketplace: the articulation and negotiation of an alternative food network
Ingrid Kajzer Mitchell, Will Low, Eileen Davenport & Tim Brigham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making a market for alternatives: marketing devices and the qualification of a vegan milk substitute
Christian Fuentes & Maria Fuentes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making a market for male dairy calves: alternative and mainstream relationality
Gillian C. Hopkinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alternative food consumption (AFC): idiocentric and allocentric factors of influence among low socio-economic status (SES) consumers
Wided Batat, Paula C. Peter, Handan Vicdan, Valerie Manna, Ebru Ulusoy, Emre Ulusoy & Soonkwan Hong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food capacity in alternative food markets: visceral encounters, bodily interactions and contagious magic
Helene Cherrier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Normalising alternative practices: the recovery, distribution and consumption of food waste
Johanna F. Gollnhofer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Complicating conventionalisation
Juliet B. Schor & Connor J. Fitzmaurice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can there really be ‘True’ alternatives within the food and drink markets? If so, can they survive as alternative forms?
George Ritzer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can consumers buy alternative foods at a big box supermarket?
Josée Johnston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]