TOC: J Con Cult


Journal of Consumer Culture, 17(2)

Looking westwards and worshipping: The New York ‘Creative Revolution’ and British advertising, 1956–1980
Sean Nixon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Videogame consumption: The apophatic dimension
Tom Brock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fashioning the feminine self in “prosumer capitalism”: Women’s work and the transnational reselling of Western luxury online
Lin Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand local: Consumer evaluations as commodity activism on
Kathleen M Kuehn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Branding politics: Emotion, authenticity, and the marketing culture of American political communication
Michael Serazio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Musical preferences and technologies: Contemporary material and symbolic distinctions criticized
Adrian Leguina, Sara Arancibia-Carvajal, Paul Widdop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blurring the boundaries: Prosumption, circularity and online sustainable consumption through Freecycle
Sally Eden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic nationalism and the cultural politics of consumption under austerity: The rise of ethnocentric consumption in Greece
Eleftheria J. Lekakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘He’s still the winner in my mind’: Maintaining the collective identity in sport through social creativity and group affirmation
Ian Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer revolution in People’s Poland: Technologies in everyday life and the negotiation between custom and fashion (1945–1980)
Joanna Zalewska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Still being ‘Mother’? Consumption and identity practices for women in later life
Juliana Mansvelt, Mary Breheny, Christine Stephens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Picture perfect: ‘4D’ ultrasound and the commoditisation of the private prenatal clinic
Gareth M Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transport in transition: Doi moi and the consumption of cars and motorbikes in Hanoi
Arve Hansen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disney’s pedagogies of pleasure and the eternal recurrence of whiteness
Jennifer A Sandlin, Julie Garlen Maudlin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Wearing class: A study on clothes, bodies and emotions in Turkey
Irmak Karademir Hazir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘You can’t use this, and you mustn’t do that’: A qualitative study of non-consumption practices among Danish pregnant women and new mothers
Malene Gram, Pernille Hohnen, Helle Dalsgaard Pedersen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Jenny Huberman, Ambivalent Encounters: Childhood, Tourism, and Social Change in Banaras, India
Brittany Barrineau [Publisher]

Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford and Joshua Green, Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture
Laura Sharp [Publisher]