TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(7)

Can super smart leaders suffer from too much of a good thing? The curvilinear effect of intelligence on perceived leadership behavior.
Antonakis, John; House, Robert J.; Simonton, Dean Keith

Not all nonnormal distributions are created equal: Improved theoretical and measurement precision.
Joo, Harry; Aguinis, Herman; Bradley, Kyle J.

What happens during annual appraisal interviews? How leader–follower interactions unfold and impact interview outcomes.
Meinecke, Annika L.; Lehmann-Willenbrock, Nale; Kauffeld, Simone

Catching fire and spreading it: A glimpse into displayed entrepreneurial passion in crowdfunding campaigns.
Li, Junchao (Jason); Chen, Xiao-Ping; Kotha, Suresh; Fisher, Greg

“Going out” of the box: Close intercultural friendships and romantic relationships spark creativity, workplace innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Lu, Jackson G.; Hafenbrack, Andrew C.; Eastwick, Paul W.; Wang, Dan J.; Maddux, William W.; Galinsky, Adam D.

Divergent effects of distance versus velocity disturbances on emotional experiences during goal pursuit.
Beck, James W.; Scholer, Abigail A.; Hughes, Jeffrey

Workplace status: The development and validation of a scale.
Djurdjevic, Emilija; Stoverink, Adam C.; Klotz, Anthony C.; Koopman, Joel; da Motta Veiga, Serge P.; Yam, Kai Chi; Chiang, Jack Ting-Ju

Are applicants more likely to quit longer assessments? Examining the effect of assessment length on applicant attrition behavior.
Hardy III, Jay H.; Gibson, Carter; Sloan, Matthew; Carr, Alison