WordMap Analytic Tool


Wagner Kamakura has developed a new tool called WordMap as part of his free "Analytic Tools for Excel" toolkit

Wagner Kamakura has developed a new tool – WordMap – for his free Analytic Tools for Excel. WordMap is a text-mining and text-display tool for processing of multiple text-documents within Excel. It filters out uninformative words (symbols, prepositions, pronouns and most common English words) and performs basic stemming to extract common roots from related words. It then maps documents and words in a word cloud that represents both the words’ frequency and adjacency across multiple documents. In a WordMap, the position of a word in the cloud has meaning. Kamakura’s Analytic Tools for Excel also includes many other tools for data merging, display and analysis.

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If you find those too politically charged,  here are WordMaps for customer reviews of hotels in Manhattan from businesspeople and families: