TOC: J Islamic Mar


Journal of Islamic Marketing, 8(2)

The role of religious norms, trust, importance of attributes and information sources in the relationship between religiosity and selection of the Islamic bank
Hardius Usman, Prijono Tjiptoherijanto, Tengku Ezni Balqiah, and I. Gusti Ngurah Agung

An Islamic macromarketing perspective on sustainability
Noha M. El-Bassiouny, Jonathan A.J. Wilson, and Suzan Esmat

Frugal doesn’t mean ordinary: a religious perspective
Volkan Yeniaras and Tugra Nazli Akarsu

Managing consumer-based brand equity through brand experience in Islamic banking
Mohsin Altaf, Naveed Iqbal, Sany Sanuri Mohd. Mokhtar, and Maqbool Hussain Sial

Examining the variation in willingness to buy from offending product’s origin among fellow nationals
Tariq Abdullatif Halimi

The relationship between Islamic marketing ethics and brand credibility
Murad Mohammed Al-Nashmi and Abdulkarim Abdullah Almamary

Key cultural values underlying consumers’ buying behaviour: a study in an Iranian context
Masoud Karami, Omid Olfati, and Alan J. Dubinsky

Effect of religiosity on the decision to participate in a boycott
Fawzi Dekhil, Hajer Jridi, and Hana Farhat