TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 143(3)

Contemplative Leadership: The Possibilities for the Ethics of Leadership Theory and Practice
Gina Grandy & Martyna Sliwa

One Sail Fits All? A Psychographic Segmentation of Digital Pirates
Charlotte Emily De Corte & Patrick Van Kenhove

When Materialists Intend to Resist Consumption: The Moderating Role of Self-Control and Long-Term Orientation
Marcelo Vinhal Nepomuceno & Michel Laroche

Investigating the Dynamics of Stakeholder Salience: What Happens When the Institutional Change Process Unfolds?
Shahzad Khurram & Sandra Charreire Petit

Discovering the Millennials’ Personal Values Orientation: A Comparison to Two Managerial Populations
James Weber

Assessing Three Models of Materialism–Postmaterialism and Their Relationship with Well-Being: A Theoretical Extension
Mark D. Promislo, Robert A. Giacalone & John R. Deckop

Governance of Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from Indian Government-owned Firms
Nava Subramaniam, Monika Kansal & Shekar Babu

Factors Influencing Microfinance Engagements by Formal Financial Institutions
Tzu-Kuan Chiu

Consumer Responses to Corporate Environmental Actions in China: An Environmental Legitimacy Perspective
Jianxin Li, Hao He, Hongshen Liu & Chenting Su

Supply Chain Strategies and Carbon Intensity: The Roles of Process Leanness, Diversification Strategy, and Outsourcing
Chien-Ming Chen

Addressing Internal Stakeholders’ Concerns: The Interactive Effect of Perceived Pay Equity and Diversity Climate on Turnover Intentions
E. Holly Buttner & Kevin B. Lowe