Impact Factors of Marketing Journals


Before the 2016 scores came out, half the journal editors were happy and half were sad. Now it's the other way around.

It’s that special time of year when we all get to argue how silly it is to value an article based on the outlet in which the article is published rather than valuing the article on its own merits. Personally I like to argue for that proposition, then I argue against it, but then I’m a guy who really thinks this time of year is special.

This time around numerous titles have been added to the pool of journals included by Clarivate.

I know, I know, you are probably asking yourself, "what is a Clarivate?" Clarivate is the entity spun off by Thomson Reuters when it sold its intellectual property division last fall. The buyers were two faceless VC firms.

Of course I don’t literally mean that they have no faces. One co-owner is Baring Equity Asia. It is hard to imagine, but the other firm has an even more anonymous name: The Onex Corporation.

I can tell the branding part of all this has not quite been worked out since at my library, at least, the data base still appears with the Thomson-Reuters logo on it.

But where was I? Ah, the number of journals included in the Impact Factor has grown, which means that citation in-degree is necessarily going to go up. Let’s leave the Red Queen out of it.

PS I was unable to screen scrape these numbers and therefore had to type them in by hand. Please be advised that my list is unofficial and may well have errors. Send corrections or additions to




J Service Res 6.847
J Acad Mar Sci 5.888
J Mar 5.318
J Interactive Mar 5.026
J Con Res 3.800
J Retailing 3.772
J Prod Innov Man 3.759
J Intl Mar 3.725
J Mar Res 3.654
J Con Psych 3.385
J Bus Res 3.354
Ind Mar Man 3.166
Managing Service Quality (Now J Service Theory Prac) 3.100
J Service Man 2.897
J Adv 2.896
Man Sci 2.822
Intl J Adv 2.451
Mar Sci 2.163
Mar Theory 2.163
J Adv Res 2.034
Psych Mar 2.000
J Macromar 1.819
Mar Letters 1.818
Service Bus 1.812
J Services Mar 1.811
J Pub Policy Mar 1.786
Intl J Res Mar 1.775
Intl Mar Rev 1.672
Consumption Markets Cult 1.585
J Destination Mar Man 1.556
Intl J Con Studies 1.510
J Con Behav 1.481
J Bus Ind Mar 1.371
Euro J Mar 1.333
Quant Mar Econ 1.333
J Bus Bus Mar 1.312
J Con Affairs 1.260
Service Ind J 1.172
Service Sci 1.158
J Vacation Mar 1.148
J Service Theory Prac (Was Man Serv Qual) 1.098
Intl J Market Res 0.921