TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(7)

The Whorfian time warp: Representing duration through the language hourglass.
Bylund, Emanuel; Athanasopoulos, Panos

Hand position alters vision by modulating the time course of spatial frequency use.
Caplette, Laurent; Wicker, Bruno; Gosselin, Frédéric; West, Greg L.

Dissociating affective and semantic valence.
Itkes, Oksana; Kimchi, Ruth; Haj-Ali, Hadeel; Shapiro, Avia; Kron, Assaf

Word and face processing engage overlapping distributed networks: Evidence from RSVP and EEG investigations.
Robinson, Amanda K.; Plaut, David C.; Behrmann, Marlene

Social rejection magnifies impulsive behavior among individuals with greater negative urgency: An experimental test of urgency theory.
Chester, David S.; Lynam, Donald R.; Milich, Richard; DeWall, C. Nathan

The rational status of quantum cognition.
Pothos, Emmanuel M.; Busemeyer, Jerome R.; Shiffrin, Richard M.; Yearsley, James M.

Examining depletion theories under conditions of within-task transfer.
Brewer, Gene A.; Lau, Kevin K. H.; Wingert, Kimberly M.; Ball, B. Hunter; Blais, Chris

Functional consequences of compositional spatial representations elicited during conceptual control of visual spatial attention.
Sztybel, Pedro; Gibson, Bradley S.

Lying because we care: Compassion increases prosocial lying.
Lupoli, Matthew J.; Jampol, Lily; Oveis, Christopher

Affect contagion between mothers and infants: Examining valence and touch.
Waters, Sara F.; West, Tessa V.; Karnilowicz, Helena R.; Mendes, Wendy Berry

Argumentation and the diffusion of counter-intuitive beliefs.
Claidière, Nicolas; Trouche, Emmanuel; Mercier, Hugo