TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34(4)

Living by the numbers: understanding the “quantification effect”
George Pettinico and George R. Milne

The impact of the motivation for status on consumers’ perceptions of retailer sustainability: the moderating impact of collectivism and materialism
Mertcan Tascioglu, Jacqueline Kilsheimer Eastman, and Rajesh Iyer

Crossing the border: changes in self and brands
Francisco Guzmán, Audhesh K. Paswan, and Robert O. Fabrize

Occupational dream pursuit: decision making and consumption behaviors
Elyria Kemp and Aberdeen Leila Borders

When shoppers don’t have enough self-control resources: applying the strength model of self-control
Mark Yi-Cheon Yim

Effects of varying involvement level within a television program on recall of cognitive versus affective advertisement
Mayank Jyotsna Soni

Consumer interpretation of brand prominence signals: insights for a broadened typology
Heather M. Meyer and Danae Manika

Individualism, collectivism, and consumer animosity in emerging Asia: evidence from Korea
C. Min Han