TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 26(4)

Explaining variability in the investment location choices of MNEs: An exploration of country, industry and firm effects
Simona Rasciute, Paul Downward

Beyond learning by experience: The use of alternative learning processes by incrementally and rapidly internationalizing SMEs
Juan M. Pellegrino, Rod B. McNaughton

An empirical investigation of the antecedents and performance outcomes of export innovativeness
Katerina Makri, Marios Theodosiou, Evangelia Katsikea

Effects of foreign acquisitions on financial constraints, productivity and investment in R&D of target firms in China
Yuhuilin Chen, Xiuping Hua, Agyenim Boateng

Knowledge and internationalization of returnee entrepreneurial firms
Wensong Bai, Martin Johanson, Oscar Martín Martín

The joint effects of social identity and institutional pressures on audit quality: The case of the Chinese Audit Industry
Pengji Wang, Lin Yuan, Jie Wu

Networking responses to different levels of institutional void: A comparison of internationalizing SMEs in Egypt and the UK
Rose Narooz, John Child

A double-edged sword? The moderating effects of control on firm capabilities and institutional distance in explaining foreign affiliate performance
Piotr Trapczynski, Marian Gorynia

Foreign market selection of online retailers — A path-dependent perspective on influence factors
Matthias Schu, Dirk Morschett

The supply-side of environmental sustainability and export performance: The role of knowledge integration and international buyer involvement
Esther Lingyee Li, Lianxi Zhou, Aiqi Wu

Competing on the edge: Implications of network position for internationalizing small- and medium-sized enterprises
Denis Odlin, Maureen Benson-Rea

“I just don’t feel comfortable speaking English”: Foreign language anxiety as a catalyst for spoken-language barriers in MNCs
Nathalie Aichhorn, Jonas Puck

The influence of cooperative relations on geographical expansion and diversification strategies in family firms
Cristina López-Cózar-Navarro, Sonia Benito-Hernández, Manuel Platero-Jaime

The influence of CEO overconfidence on ownership choice in foreign market entry decisions
Jung-Ho Lai, Wen-Chun Lin, Li-Yu Chen

Influence of CEO characteristics in family firms internationalization
M. Camino Ramón-Llorens, Emma García-Meca, Antonio Duréndez